13 Hilarious Videos of Halloween Pranks

One of the trademark phrases on Halloween is “trick or treat”, which generally implies that you better give the person candy, otherwise they’ll play a trick on you.  While generally, everyone gives out candy, some people choose tricks instead, and of course, there’s always people out to have fun by playing pranks for no reason.

So, we searched the web to find 13 hilarious videos of Halloween pranks.  From collections of short and quick pranks, to the elaborate and masterful, these videos will make you laugh, because the pranks aren’t happening to you.  There’s also a recurring theme in a few of the videos, so see if you can find it.



Guy Screams Like a Girl

Funny Halloween Pranks

More Halloween Pranks

Hilarious Halloween Prank

Morning Scare Prank

Halloween The Ultimate Scare

Don’t Ever Scare Black People

News Team Gets Pranked

What Did We Say About Scaring Black People?

Bizarre Prank on Homeowners

Kid Gets Devoured

Halloween Chainsaw Scare 2007

Prank Texas Chainsaw Cheerleader Massacre