How to Build a Pencil Crossbow

Ever want a crossbow but don’t want to go out and actually spend hundreds on a dangerous weapon? Now you can make one with everyday household items using these simple steps!

From John Austin’s book: Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Finished product:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

  • i think some one gonna get hurt at school

  • That is so awsome !

  • that’s right, I also think that it should be replaced

  • Nour1398

    dude I am sure that the guy tested it and sometimes something that dosn’t look like it should work works

  • Ihgvb
  • kazum4xc

    i tested this,,,, ITS AWESOME!

  • Great Tips…to make bow n arrow at hope..
    Do not try to shoot ur teacher down…haha..:)  Source for cheapest textbooks

  • Jason Kumar

    Will Somebody be willing to tell me how to make a trigger attatchment?

  • Jason Kumar

    Ok so this helps A LOT with those rubber latex tubes!!! It shot right through this hollow wall and came out in the other end!! I thought if i attatch a binder clip at the end holding the rubber and put the skewer in the crossbow, when i press on the binder clip, it will shoot out and have a trigger, but the rubber latex is so strong it keeps pulling on the binder clip. Hot glue helps a bit, but i wonder if there is another way to make a trigger in the crossbow? Please leave your ideas below. BTW the rubber tube helps a LOT it is much stronger than rubber bands.

  • ultan

     its easy to make a trigger stick a piece of wood eg: half a pencil through the part where there should sellotape. next pull the elastic band onto that piece of wood. remember the wood has to be long enough to it will hold the band on the top and allow you to pull your finger on the other end (obviously) theres your trigger. sellotape is not a good trigger if the tape fails you could accidently shoot some one

  • Ultan rooney

     easy attach another two pencils to increase the lenghts. cut a lollipop stick in half or a pencil down lenghtways. stick it between the two pencils you just added on and stick the elastic band on the tip of the stick. the other end of the stick should be on the bottom. hey presto a trigger,

  • Ultan rooney

    =-===||=  the – is the trigger!


    I’m gonna build this and get in trouble. XD XD TROLLLLLED 2013

  • lolo

    this dose NOT work.

  • lolo

    i agree