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Why You Should Play With Your Food

playing_with_food_in_bento_boxes (17)

What can you do with only food and plastic boxes? Probably not much unless you’re one of these Bento box meal artist. So cool I almost don’t want to eat them.

  • Rio

    Ha ha ha, I really like the sardine leg lady! Yummy!

  • ahh, i loved your food!! :)) you're really creative. two thumbs up!!

  • ahh, i loved your food!! :)) you're really creative. two thumbs up!!

  • Agb_121590

    wow sikat ang sardinas!in red stilettos!:)


  • Tesanim Sve

    wonderful ! I want to eat all of them !

  • Skligg

    high heels one is best

  • Skligg

    high heels one is best

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