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Star Wars: What Stormtroopers Do On Their Day Off


Stormtroopers aren’t fighting in battles every single day like you see in the Star Wars films. Here’s what they do when they have some free time.

Photographs by Stéfan. View his entire daily series of Stormtrooper photographs + context captions here.

[Update!] View part 2 of this series here!

  • Fantastic, so very clever, I was grinning all the way down the page :-)

  • battles like this give a great joy to readers. Just imagine I read it twice. While I am not as skilled on this subject, I tally with your closings because they make sense. Gives Thanks and goodluck to you.

  • Spritesuper3

    I’m no economist so I often wonder how this all happened and why I’m having to struggle through this downed economy.

  • noleggio audio

    Wow! what a nice collectoin. This is really great toy entertainment. I like it so much. I really impress after saw this post.
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  • very nice collections of toys you have here, I was amazed with your ideas and creativity, thank you for sharing this to us!

  • That is great demo of star war. You clearly know so much about what the Storm Troopers do on their day off, you have covered so many bases.. Again, thank you for this blog.

  • Haha, this is from France! I eat those Nouilles Japonaises all the time. 😀

  • Haha, this is from France! I eat those Nouilles Japonaises all the time! 😀

  • Abc

    i wonder if the same storm trooper is always needing the rescuing…

  • Purple-monkey-dishwasher

    lol awesome, you ever considered trying to aniamte them? or even doing some kind of animation (msot of its jsut lots a posing, also the needing in piglets arm was fake the syringe wasnt but the actual need was photo-shoped in

  • Animation is too much time-consuming for what I did (one scene per day).
    And there’s no photoshopping involved in the Piglet picture, the needle is real. I suck too much at Photoshop to add the needle.

  • otobustetaciz

    I was cracking up the whole time! I just love things like this. Keep the creativity flowing and pictures coming!

  • Really nice pictures :)) Love your blog!

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  • Cammerz

    Where can I get these figures? I really want some! 😀

  • Lol this is really funny

  • Stéfan –

     Yes. The stupid one is TK479, the most capable is TK455.

  • It’s always amazing to me to see how new
    technology is adopted by influencers across different ‘verticals’ like this.  

  • Love it! Wonder what else those naughty Stormtroopers do which hasn’t been seen? Not using our products we hope….

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