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Unusual Paintings of Obama Naked with Unicorns


These paintings by Dan Lacey, also known as The Painter of Pancakes, shows his portrayal of the president of the United States in a series of unique paintings. Lacey’s artworks can also be ordered as posters at Dan Lacey’s blog.

Some of the weirdest paintings you will ever see in your lifetime:

  • Thanks for the share – really great pics – I can’t wait to see more

  • That is some really great artwork – Thanks

  • My favorite pic is the one with Michelle

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  • shame is this guy could make a bit of money if he did the same images with a woman instead of a man

  • unicorn is for peace and if you are a lady or man, it shows a message they want is peace in the world

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  • ShuckDisFit

    EXCELLENT!!! Got any of moo-hamud naked on a unicorn?

  • too right

  • There is some weird occult symbolism in these freakish and tasteless excuses for art. for one thing the unicorn is always shown with one eye, or with one eye darkened. That’s that illuminati garbage, then possibly the pale horse from the apocolypse, upon which the “antichrist-conqueror” is supposed to ride. A few of them show The Capitol Building blown up. The plane might be the one that recently went down in Manhattan with the hero-pilot landing it safely in the water.. Mt. Rushmore signifying the American people and in this case the anti christ and his pale horse are taking control of the plane and prob steering into the water. I could go on, this s h *t is pure evil,just like Barry Obama.

  • techsupp0rt

    That’s one of the most epic paintings I’ve ever seen.

  • Good Expressions

  • Jack

    very bad copying the pics of Vlad shirtless on horse

  • Jack

    Biden claimed he has a big stick…well?