15 Popular Internet Image Memes Explained

It all started with the "O RLY?" owl—the first advice animal. Since the inception of that owl several years ago, the Internet has proliferated in countless new advice animals, most…

8 Internet Comic Memes Redrawn in HD

Ever stop reading hand drawn comics from the internet because they don't have as much detail as your Blu-ray movies? Well fear no more, HD memes are here! From the…

The Finest of Butthurt Dweller Meme

The Butthurt Dweller is a relatively new "advice animal" and it has become a popular meme on websites like Reddit and Tumblr, where users often write humorous stereotypical phrases and…

The Best of Successful Black Man

The "Successful Black Man" is one of the most popular image memes around, which takes racist stereotypes of black people and turns them around into something positive, and positively hilarious.