If Toys Could Think (Caption Series)

If toys could think, they'd have a lot to say—probably. They'd likely make a slew of pop culture references based on what they were molded as. Illustrator Fatheed on flickr…

Bad Advice on How To Be A Superhero in Bed

Superheroes are often renowned for a specific ability or superpower that makes them superior and allows them to accomplish their various feats. Of course, this also serves as great material…

Incredible Movie Portraits by Alice Zhang

Alice X. Zhang is a Chinese illustrator out of the United States, who painted these incredible portraits of movie and TV characters like Harry Potter, Amy Pond, and Sherlock Holmes.

An Inside Look at the Japanese Yakuza

Belgian photographer Anton Kusters spent two years in the Japanese underground, familiarizing and befriending the Yakuza—Japan's secretive criminal organization. Few foreigners have managed to earn the trust of the secretive…

Drunk Swedish Moose Gets Caught in Tree

A drunk moose got caught in a tree while foraging for apples. No, you don't have to read that twice. It's a well known fact—at least in Sweden—that moose often…