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19 People Who Think Feminism Is For Conquering Men

People Who Think Feminism Is For Conquering Men (1)

Let’s not debate the importance of feminism and the benefits it has brought so far in getting us closer to an egalitarian society. I mean, it was pretty stupid not to give women the right to vote in the USA until just approximately 100 years ago. But nowadays feminism is much more required in, let’s say… the Middle East or other countries when women are truly denied their privileges. In our country, it’s more of a thing for people who like to play the victim.

  • Kj6182

    This is why “feminism” is a complete and laughable failure.

  • Evans A Evans

    Fuck that retarded cunt.

  • Nathaniel Scott

    Emma Watson is probably the first woman to practice feminism more as how it is intended then the sickness it has become

  • cmoorecole

    father’s and mother’s day is not necessarily an issue – nor does it need to be sexist or oppressive. When these days were established, the concept of same-sex parenting couples hadn’t even come to us yet. These days are just for honoring our parents, so I’d suggest not making too much of a big deal about it or the powers that be will change it to one equal opportunity Parent’s Day and you’ll only have one opportunity for a special day of gifts and dinner out. This way you can choose to be honored on both days. I’m going to ask my son to celebrate Father’s day for me next year & give his dad something on Mother’s Day.

  • RandScot

    I have not played video games since junior high school & have never had the urge to rape nor to force any person to do anything.