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12 Dining Table Comparisons Between The World’s Rich and Poor

Present Day North Korea - Power
Present Day North Korea - Power

The discrepancy between classes has been ever present throughout history and is present to this day, even in the most advanced parts of society that we consider fully civilized. Food has been a barometer of poverty versus richness since the beginning of hierarchies and if you come to think of it, even France’s beloved queen of the 18th century, Marie Antoinette, lost all her popularity after rumors had it she told the hungry peasants who had no bread to go and eat some cake. Diet differs indeed for the wealthy and for the poor and this photo series called “Power Hungry”proves it with great class.

(Source: Hargreaves and Levin)

  • Steve Moody

    I don’t how accurate this is, but US poor eat pretty well compared to the rest of the world.

  • Moses Garza

    i agree..

  • Amph

    Ancient romans had olives and cheese, most of the time