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22 Unlawful But Hilarious Acts Of Vandalism

I Don’t Normally Condone Vandalism, But Wildammo (10)

If you ask old people, street art is vandalism and bad for society and should be punished by law. But if you ask anyone who’s been living most of their life in the 21st century, visual art in public locations is a very good idea. A lot of the satirical ideas you might see on a wall will inspire you or at least give you the smile boost that you needed for the day. And who are we to judge art by its location simply because it’s not done in a traditional venue?

  • Darkrider

    Who are we to judge? People who respect laws and authority that’s who! Besides some of this stuff isn’t even art. It’s just crude scribblings ruining ruinning other peoples property. Some of it is clever but it’s still vandalism