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32 Signs That Prove There Is a Glitch In The Matrix

Just follow that guy I guess.
Just follow that guy I guess.

If you’re dreaming of living in a world where you would always just follow simple instructions while you’re paying attention to your smartphone most of the time, well wait just a little bit longer. For there still are some issues to be solved here. The universe contradicts itself a lot of the time, but never has it been clearer how it does this with our help than now, with these signs. And now please watch these pictures without looking at them. Thank you!

  • Himo

    Yes there is a difference. Garbage is wet/food waste. Trash is dry waste like papers.

  • Anon

    #1 is a glitch, seriously?
    Left-lane traffic must turn left, right lane traffic must turn right – how much simpler could it be?

  • Justin Mavis

    Some of those Photo Shopped. Most of those are common sense, some of the signs weren’t large enough to be specific. But I understood the no alcohol and smoking one, the coin one also.

  • Nick Watson

    #7 Yes, of course you have to pay Oh, and when you do, you get the Super Energy Booster Free.
    God, please erase America – they’re knocking 80 pts off the Average IQ