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48 Construction Fails So Dumb You’ll Have To See This To Believe It…

Construction Fails That Are Unbelievably Stupid (48 pics) Wildammo (38)

There are a few areas of work in which you can never trust someone who doesn’t have a fair amount of academic preparation specialized on what you need. And one of the important fields of action that fit this description is definitely constructions. You will want a professional to take care of things when building a home, otherwise you might wake up that you have to live in houses like the ones presented in these pictures right here.

  • DayTripper

    Image 20 isn’t dumb. This is for a bus that pulls up and the wheelchair access opens to either slide out a ramp to get on the buss or a lift lowers to the ramp at the top of the steps. There are buses that sit up high and I’ve driven up to these type of ramps many times to board wheelchair using passengers. The steps are just convenient for people walk up if they don’t need the ramp, ambulatory passengers can board at this point as well or people who are there just to help. Guess it looks weird if you don’t know what it’s for.