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Hollywood’s 12 Most Cursed Movies Of All Time

Big Screen Films That Are Either Very Unlucky or Very Cursed (12 pics) Wildammo (9)

Actors or film crew members who don’t believe in superstitions probably don’t take weird movies with satanic or supernatural themes too seriously. Well, neither did Roman Polanski, who kind of made a career out of weird movies and had his pregnant wife, actress Sharon Tate, murdered by the Manson family just a year after filming “Rosemary’s Baby”. But he’s a pedophile, so he had it coming. And the expression “that movie gave me cancer” just got a new meaning since you’ll find out that the movie “The Conqueror” gave cancer to more than 200 people back in the 50s. Insane.

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  • DublF666 .

    The Twilight Zone story is inaccurate. The helicopter wasn’t carrying the actors. The helicopter was piloted by Vietnam veteran Dorcey Wingo. During the filming of a scene he stationed his helicopter 25 ft from the ground and, while hovering near a large mortar-effect, he turned the aircraft 180° to the left for the next camera shot. The effect was detonated while the helicopter’s tail-rotor was still above it, causing it to fail and detach from the tail. The low-flying helicopter spun out of control and crashed on top of actor Vic Morrow and the two children. All three were killed.

  • ed

    Almost all these stories are WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get your f*cking facts straight!