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25 Facts About Your Brain You Would Be Amazed To Know

Time to Get Some Knowledge about Your Brain (25 Pics ) Wildammo (19)

Do you know what the best hard-drive you can ever get is? No, it doesn’t cost anything and it’s not manufactured in China and designed by many brilliant minds, It is, in fact, your brain. The human brain is, allegedly, the most complex machine in the universe. And certainly the most complex from the part we know and from what we have the power to comprehend. Now since in the long run your brain has to forget things to make room for new ones, get ready to replace 25 celebrity nudes pictures with these brain facts.

  • Mikus

    The gray part? I thought the grey reference referred to the whole brain. Greg matter. Some background info might help or a photo showing which part is supposed to be grey and what colors the rest of the brain is… Also some of the facts just don’t make sense. Is the person who put this presentation together not dumbing down terminology to layman’s terms or is he/she unfamiliar with the subject matter and confusing terms? Some facts just seemed confused or off target, like which side of the brain controls certain things in right handed ppl. Does it mean to imply those things are reversed in left handed ppl? I didn’t think they were related in such a way. I’ve heard left handed ppl are generally more creative, but beyond that… I dunno. Amusing data, but I don’t know if I believe it all.