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The 20 Wildest Unsolved Mysteries Of Our Times


Are you fascinated by mysteries? Are you absolutely thrilled by unsolved stories of murder and disappearing persons? Are you absolutely ecstatic about the prospect of being in the neighborhood of a haunted house where someone got murdered and they never found the killer? Or are you simply passionate about stories of blood, lethal weapons, paranormal activity, a whole bunch of fairy tales with a horror touch to make it scary? Well then you might have some serious mental issues or just no real healthy preoccupation in your life, but never mind that, this world is perfect for you. Here you have 20 great mysteries to quench for enigma. And by the way, who do you think would win a battle between 20 Chupacabra-sized Loch Ness monsters and a Loch Ness monster-sized Chupacabra

  • daniel

    they solved the sailing stones…

  • jack

    they solved jack the ripper…

  • The Annoyed Elephant

    1. The sailing stones move because of wind.

    2. The Roanoke mystery seems to be solved: they moved inland and integrated into local native tribes like the Lumbee and Chowan.

    3. Spontaneous combustion of people has multiple causes.

    4. Tunguska was a meteorite, similar to the one that hit Siberia last year.

    5. The Bermuda Triangle is statistically no different from any other random triangle with heavy ocean and air traffic.

    6. Amelia Earhart crash-landed on Nikumaroro, where her skeletal remains (unidentified at the time) were found in 1940, along with signs that she’d survived on clams and other available supplies for some time on that desert island.

    7. Bimini Road is a natural geological phenomenon, similar to the Giants Causeway in Ireland.

    8. The Marfa Lights are automobile headlights.

    9. Jack the Ripper may have been IDed as a long-held suspect.

    10. Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and Chupacabra are urban legends and nothing more.

    There. More than half your list is solved. You’re welcome.

  • Heinrich D. Bag

    So is the case of the missing douchebag. You are welcome.

  • These are just theories you accept as facts. You are welcome.