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Why These Kids Are Crying Are For The Most Hilarious First World Baby Problems


First World Problems – kids have them too. Especially if you allow them to be first world spoiled brats. While other kids cry and then die of hunger, or in the best scenario they cry because they don’t have any toys at all or cause they have to get a job when they’re 10 years old, our beautiful spoiled youth is crying every 30 seconds over a minor matter just because they know they’ll get attention that way. Yes, some of these pictures are actually cute and the children in them are not spoiled, but the majority of issues here are actually rising from too much well-being. So I say even if it’s cute and we’re used to this being the normal state, it’s actually not OK to see a kid cry over the fact that his toy dinosaur is purple and not green.

(Source: Distractify)