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40 Of History’s Most Brilliant One-Liners Ever Quoted


You can tell a clever man by the quickness of his wits. Only brilliant minds are able to deliver a proper equally humorous, elegant and insulting response in just a matter of seconds. Most of us normal people, even if we might be bright, we usually get better ideas of what could have been said after the right time had already passed. So what will keep these famous lines in history is not only the quotes themselves, but also the moments when they were delivered. And as you can notice, there aren’t too many Paris Hiltons, Justin Biebers and Barack Obamas around here. Or any of their contemporaries, for that matter. So farewell, brilliant minds of the mainstream world, you are forever buried in a distant past.

  • Trevor Franklin

    Your picture of Liberace is actually actor Michael Douglas playing Liberace

  • Lovenia Johnson

    Who cares what that draftdodger Cassius Clay ever said???

  • 2screwsloose

    the real Liberace was so gay just looking at his picture you would cause you to burst into flames

  • Green Man

    More people care about it than what you have to say that’s for sure