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16 People Fortunately Saved From Their Horrible Tattoos. These Are Quite Impressive, Wow!

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I estimate many tattoos were probably done on a whim and with much regret later on, but these folks may have been more fortunate! Their tattoo makeovers range from just a cover up of ex’s name to rather impressive works of art. Now let’s follow back up in 10 years and see what makeovers of these makeovers they may have done, hmm.

  • Matt Nelson

    this can’t be real… to damn perfect…like what the fuck lol

  • Matt Nelson

    to damn perfect lol

  • pete

    From what I see , it’s taking an original dumb ass mistake and making it worse. Tats and low self-esteem go hand and hand.

  • Mike

    There’s nothing wrong with tattoos.

    I don’t know why someone would say a swasticka is bad, it means hope and peace. Last time I checked that was a good thing.

  • godozo

    The coverups are okay. The upgrades are REALLY nice, if you ask me.

  • Jeff Blum

    Several of these are why you DON’T tattoo your significant others name on you if you’re thinking.

  • joseph carson

    What happens in five years when these covers are out of style?

  • Max Blood

    number 8 isn’t horrible

  • Max Blood

    16 was done awesome! love how he used the old spider as a shadow.

  • wow

    i guess it wasn’t a great idea to buy a tattoo – then instead of having it removed …they pay for another one ! S T U P I D A-HOLES

  • Jin

    Lmao wtf is wrong with you? I guess Justin Beiber and Lil Wayne have low self-esteem

  • pete

    Jin: I mean “absolutely” devoid of self-esteem. I’m surprised you use these dumb ass as examples.

  • Carlos

    Are you really asking people who get spur-of-the-moment tattoos to think ahead?

  • joseph carson

    MY BAD

  • Margareth

    If this person wanted the swastika that stands for luck and protection, it should have been mirrored and upright. This swastika is pure nazi style. Get your facts straight.