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Artist Comically Photographs People Fallen With Their Belongings – And The Results Are Hilarious!

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I’ve heard that it’s all fun and games until someone loses their eye. But conversely, if no one loses their eye, it must be all fun and games because these hilarious photos are just proof of that!

Photographer Sandro Giordano has created a hilarious series of photos of people who look like they’ve just taken a ridiculous fall after giving up all hope of trying to prevent it.

See more on Sandro’s Instagram: _remmidemmi


  • yourpicturesarestupid

    This is absolutely stupid.

  • Jasper Mayberry

    I hope this “artist” wink wink… oh whatever this is shit. This looks like something a child would put together. I would like to see this “artist” in one of those rag head beheading videos soon.