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These 22 Lifehacks May Be Unethical, But #4 Is Actually Quite Brilliant!

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Every now and then we all get that clever idea to trick the system, but the thought of karma catching up to us might make you think otherwise. Here are 22 of those exact ideas – though they are damn clever!

  • Fogedda Boutit

    If you were deaf, I think that fact would be mentioned in the “Restrictions” section of your drivers license, just like mine says I’m near sighted ( the ability to hear, while not necessary to driving, is still considered useful for the obstacle avoidance part; that’s why cars have horns). I’m guessing someone who completed a law enforcement training course might be aware. They might not even have the sense of humor requisite to the appreciation your brilliant ruse. What if you try this on a cop with, like, a deaf sister? Cavity search, anyone? I swear the internet gets more stupid every day.

  • Bill Sparkington

    The hotel idea sometime works for other items like phone chargers and such. But do ask them for a shaving kit or toothpaste and brush. A trick for the hotels with the elevator passes, I found that the fire exit gets you to all levels most of the time. In my state, its fire code to access all floors from the fire exit as a safety measure. So you can get to the Hhonors lounge level. Usually that’s all you need to get to the lounge. Also sneak around the hotel for stashes of fancy tea bags. On one trip to a luxury chain, I came home with more than 100 bags of that nicer tea. I raided every housekeeping room to do that. I found that the house keeping rooms were never locked.
    On a recent trip to Vegas I wanted to rent a bike for the week because Priceline (name your own price) had put me 3 miles east of the strip. But renting a bike at a shop was like $200 for the week. Vegas’ own town rental was $30 per day. So I found a decent mountain bike at Walmart for $108. I did pay extra for the $20 lock and $15 light kit. Six days later I return it after cleaning it up real good. Next year I will probably rent a scooter.

  • Chris Bucklen

    Of course many of these a bit unethical but some are quite illegal especially the license plate copy which I believe would be eligible for a felony! Also #4, the 1st class airline seat trick rarely works because even though attendants rarely ask for a boarding pass after boarding, they certainly know how many empty first class seats are left over due to inventory of special provisions provided for 1st class such as meals, drinks etc. and the attendants have every right to actually kick you off the plane for impersonating another passenger or attempting to steal a seat that was not paid for.

  • voice*of*reason

    Most of these are illegal. Doing any of them makes you an a$$hole.

  • Hunt

    A shockingly bad standard of English on nearly all these slides. It appears they were written by a semi-literate child.

  • Chris M

    what state do you live in that makes you take an obstacle avoidance course? and yes most ot these just make you an asshole….lol

  • MD B

    #4 …. Flight attendants may not ask for a boarding pass, but they know exactly who is on the plane, where they are supposed to be sitting, and how many empty seats there are.

  • Travis Uruh Spalding Braxton

    the passport trick dosent work at least not at CVS. if we take the pic on the white back ground and print it out we charge the same whether its for the lstat a gun license or a passport.

  • Earl Woods

    Plus they absolutely check tickets going to first class. I fly first every now and again when I have the miles and they know people try and pull this crap.

  • Allen Benge

    I was a deputy sheriff in a predominantly Hispanic county in Arizona, and quite often, Hispanics would feign not understanding English. I developed a couple of little tricks that revealed them. I then threatened to cite them for false info to an officer in addition to the original cause for stopping. I do have to agree with ‘Voice.’