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Seeing What These Students Undergo At The World’s Worst Dorm Will Break Your Heart

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If you ever thought your apartment or college dorm was a rat hole, then you have never experienced what University dorms in Macedonia has to offer. After seeing these photos I amĀ appalled that this is legal and is still used to house students. You just might never complain again after seeing this…

  • Luna

    This is not the most inhumane school dorm.Those can be found in Nigeria and other third world countries.This is called the worst dorm because it is in Europe so people can actually complain about it.

  • jacek

    poor studens, no one repairs what students destroyed. and no cleaning services. what a shame.

  • Mich

    Students are not to blame for broken pipes and mould! Nor are they responsible for no hot water! How is it that they are blamed? Imagine what it must be like to live and learn in those conditions!! No matter what country it is, it’s unacceptable!!

  • LaShay

    ummmmm what kind of quality education can they possibly be providing if they can;t even provide basic living necessities. Even if this school was free tuition all around, it still wouldn’t be justification for these conditions. As a parent, I could never want my child to have schooling bad enough to send him into these conditions.