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She May Look Cute Now, But Just Wait What These 23 Girls Do Next…

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Girls can look all pretty and cute when they want to be. But just like how beauty can be discovered, so can the other side… These 23 individuals can look normal one minute, but they also have a dark side that they aren’t afraid to show! Beware!


    this just shows how fucking ugly these cunts are without their makeup on.

  • Jim Trebowski

    You’re a disgusting piece of shit.

  • kevin

    These girls aren’t the same as in the 1st photo. They look fatter and older. FAKE

  • kevin


  • Guy Brohski

    You’re a complete stooge.

  • Walter Hewitt

    Incredibly disturbing…an’ obviously contrived…

  • Carol

    Why would those pretty girls make such idiot faces? It’s not funny (ok, the hair-beard girl is), is not beautiful… chicks so crazy for stupid attention.

  • Anonymous

    Just give #8 30 years…she’ll look just like that without trying

  • iheartweimers

    This is why most men drink.

  • lidex

    a couple of these are fake

  • Hopkins

    Pig, we aren’t supposed to LOOK a certain way. And why do we have to be beautiful all the time? And if the girls are like me the aren’t doing it for attention there doing it to get a kick out of it. Your insinuations make you a sexist pig.
    ( I do realize this was posted four months ago, I just want to express my indignation )

  • Josh

    #4 – It’s even funnier when it’s a celebrity. Love Sofia Vergara.

  • Andrew Mustaine Hooper

    Stop being such a little pussy bitch

  • Trockeneis Van de Kälte

    U r single, right?

  • Trockeneis Van de Kälte

    High five sister! Men lockig horrible Most of time… But we had to look like a model 24h a day…

  • Jane

    If ya think y’all are so real and they are fake, why don’t you remove your fake clothings and come as you are. We would like to see your real naked selves. Common people! Look alive! Make up is cool. Acting up without makeup is cool too. Only shallow minds call it fake. It’s Life. You gat to look good everyday, for yourself at least. Don’t be hating on good things & good lifestyles alright. XoXo