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16 Shocking Photos of Addiction That’ll Make You Never Want to Try Drugs Ever Again…

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There’s a reason why you were always told to say no to drugs all your life. They are bad! If they don’t kill you they’ll leave you looking like the ones in our gallery. Next time you want to shoot some heroin, maybe try shooting some pool instead.

  • sam rockwell

    Number 3 became Steve Buscemi

  • Nicole B.

    Number 14 is clearly photo shopped. Don’t see the need to photo shop, these things do actually happen to addicts but there is no need to put more fake shit on the Internet to make your website famous. People have enough trouble distinguishing what’s real and what’s not in today’s world. Why contribute? Don’t be lazy.

  • Jesse Krupnick

    # 5 is a burn victim…

  • Damnnnnn drugs are bad….. mmmm kay.

  • Someone

    You fuckers at WildAmmo are retarded. Picture #2: Amy Winehouse. She got the boob job AFTER the drug addiction. Why are you attempting to deceive people?

  • baddoc

    who ever runs things down there should probably be on this with the addicts. Number 5 is clearly the victim of a burn who has had surgical reparative procedures done. you guys are idiots.

  • Krill

    Yeah sure. You mean all sorts of drugs end you up like that? :) HAHA. One to actually believe that propaganda would be a REALLY stupid idiot. Do me a favor folks and think for yourself.