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So Stupid, You Won’t Believe These 19 Youtube Comments Are Real


Unlike some more intelligent communities, Youtube is known to have some of the dumbest comments on the internet. From trolls to kids to imbeciles – they all seem to gather right round on all corners of Youtube. Here we have 19 of those comments that might just make you chuckle.

  • Toast Ed Bread

    Whoever compiled this lacks knowledge of both trolling, and humour. Also, I love Russian dash cam videos because you never know WTF is gonna happen!

  • Dude

    The idiot who put this list together clearly doesn’t understand sarcasm or irony.

  • daniel lopez

    The only idiot here is the person who assembled this list. They clearly don’t see that these comments are just people joking around.

  • tom

    what idiot fucktard made this

  • B-Rotten

    Wow! Is lost was generated by an individual who A) believes he/she is far more intelligent than they really are; & B) has zero sense of humor, or understanding of sarcasm. This author is an individual who possesses a NEED to feel smarter & more intelligent than other individuals. He/She really thinks these people are this ignorant, in filling a personal void to feel smarter than others.
    What is hilarious is the AUTHOR is the one who comes off “So Stupid..”!! Joke’s on you, Idiot!
    (I will have to admit, ONE or TWO truly WERE idiots, and seriously funny)

    Have a nice day! (I presume you do everyday, since you are too ignorant to realize YOU are “Stupid” one!)

  • Troy Nelson

    You know why it appears they are bad drivers and why you never see that in America don’t you. They don’t have insurance mandated on them so in the event of an accident sometimes the only way to receive restitution is by having an open and shut case which is accomplished by having the dash cams… Something Americans should be doing and or the auto makers…. simple logic. If we had dash cams in all of our autos we would look ridiculously inept too. I have seen atrocious driving on the roads in America since FOREVER. I saw a women passing out behind the wheel on a major freeway. Just kept nodding off and drifting in and out of her lane. People honked and she was utterly exhausted or medicated beyond belief. Also, seen a “crackheaded” white-boy in KC picking at the plastic film wrap driver’s side “window” totally focused on God only knows what. Something was bugging him about that plastic. Good Lord man your doing 65 mph… please focus on the road ahead. I have seen people in America drive as bad as any Russian.

  • Rebecca Kienzle

    #4 is pretty funny though.

  • ZMelissagurl

    Sarcasm. Ever heard of that?

  • Blackguard 316

    Haha, I love #4!!