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You Won’t Believe How This Man Exterminated His Wasp Nest! (22 PICs)

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Unfortunate things such as a swarm family of Wasps moving into our backyard may happen sometimes. You can choose to call an exterminator, or you can take matters into your own hands like this man. Although what he did was epic, we don’t recommend you try the same!

  • Harry K James

    Those are bees. Congrats, this should help exterminate the species already hurting. Most towns have people that will come and remove them and not kill them.

  • Russ

    You can also call any beekeeping supply store, and they will definitely know someone who will come and collect them for free.

  • BeeLover

    This dumb ass just wiped out a swarm of honey bees that were just searching for a hollow tree or empty hive to set up housekeeping in so they could pollinate more flowers, fruits, and vegetables, make more honey for us humans to enjoy, and make more honeybees to keep the process going. If he had left them alone, they would have gone away as soon as the scouts found a suitable home. Frankly, I’d rather live next door to honey bees at work that somebody as dumb as that dumb ass.

  • BeeLover

    Some beekeepers will pay $200 for such a swarm and they know how to safely capture them.

  • Rivethead

    Makes me wish someone would remove this guy with the same method. I’d rather have the bees on this planet than just another brainless prick.

  • timmy2000

    One word RETARD……

  • Dimensionallyspealking

    He is the type of people willfuly destroying life.It is hard enough lucky to be alive,sad….