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You’ll Never Want to Eat Nutella Again After Seeing This (28 PICs)

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Bacon, Doritos, beer, ice cream, chips, dips, and deep fried lard! Mmmm all sounds absolutely delicious. Until you look in the mirror and throw it all up. Don’t be like these 28 individuals who went crazy with eating. Moderation is key here folks…

  • WomenRoar

    This is the meanest and most demeaning article I’ve ever seen in my life. Obviously some of these women in the pictures were very young when the original pictures were taken and the after pictures are taken later. Also, why are only women shown? In addition, the demeaning caption about not eating any unhealthy food after seeing these pictures is incredibly cruel. These women are beautiful no matter their size. It’s drivel like this that perpetuates impossible standards and body dysmorphic disorder in our country. Shame for whoever wrote this article and shame on whoever decided it was acceptable to post it.

  • hank

    when people say those girls are beatiful no matter the size> its stil very very unhealty being fatt

  • tcross

    some of them are very much photoshopped ….. to and extreme in both the before and after …. so i would not believe most of this …..

  • Ruchika Pal

    These are Before and after pictures of some very inspiring women on the internet who over came obesity!!! It’s a shame how you are using their pictures and showing in an inverse manner!!!! Crazy retard!!! Shame on you!

  • Brittany Marie DeCoteau

    Who the hell is anyone to judge someone else’s lifestyle, quit worrying about others worry about yourself…

  • Sharday James

    I don’t think a lot of these girls are fat. There is usually weight gain when you become an adult and aren’t a teen anymore.

  • jack mehoof

    Please go make me a sandwich.

  • Chuck Franky

    I know one of these women in the pics, I’m not even sure you have the right to post her pic (or any of the others for that matter). But believe it or not, this woman helped me with my weight loss, and this picture was taken after she took the initiative to become healthy. So its the other way around. So putting aside the fact that YES PEOPLE GAIN WEIGHT! SO WHAT? many of these I bet were rather success stories for getting healthy. So way to go for encouraging and admiring the hard work! But hey, I opened the link, so I’m as guilty as you are.

  • Gabriela Fonseca

    If you turn it around from the obvious, the point here can be that being skinny is not all there is to life. Being fat doesn’t make you necessarily unhappy, being thin isn’t the Holly Grail for all people.

  • Michel Schweinsberg

    I don’t know if I would call this a shame. Public health is a very serious issue, and critical to the future and well being of the country. Sometimes the most important contribution a person can make is serving as a cautionary tale for others. Images like this are motivating and inspiring, because they tell us the importance of exercise and good diet. I know images and stories like this are one of the reasons I keep going to the gym and working hard, and practicing mindful eating, which allows me to live longer a longer and healthier life. Obesity is something very few people are “doomed” to endure. For the vast majority, it is avoidable. It is a national epidemic that is damaging the well being of our societal health. Let’s set aside the cosmetic aspects of it. Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and countless other things associated with obesity are serious health issues that we ought to be working very hard to avoid – for our own well being and that of our family’s.

  • Michel Schweinsberg

    It’s not about judging a lifestyle. It comes down to health. In most cases, lack of exercise, a horrible diet, and terrible discipline are objectively bad to a person’s quality of life.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    Keep voting democrat

  • Elle Salvatoré Bennett

    First of all, you’re mistaking correlation with causation when you’re linking heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure with obesity. Second of all, these are individuals, not “cautionary tales.” No one deserves to be objectified in any context, for any reason. It’s none of your–or anybody else’s–fucking business what a woman or man weighs; none of these women are me, and what is wrong or right for their body is not necessarily wrong or right for me. Again: it’s none of our fucking business what’s going on with their body, and this is so incredibly invasive to post pictures of them as a way of warning other women from eating the food that they fucking want. Additionally: you didn’t answer one of the most significant points the OP made: that these are /all/ women, the inherent idea of which is that it only matters if WOMEN are overweight; it emphasizes the ornamentation of women and socially ostracizes those women who are outside the parameters of society’s measures of approval. In other words: this is sexist garbage; the people responsible for sharing these photos, followed by the people who liked them, are garbage, who should take a long walk off the shortest pier they can fucking find.

  • Elle Salvatoré Bennett

    You could not possibly judge by these photos whether these women are active, what they eat, and what level of discipline they possess. You’re an idiot.

  • Elle Salvatoré Bennett

    You got your Ph.D. in human biology from…Google? You don’t have science; you have corporate propaganda, along with terrible command of English.

  • Barlion

    It’s one thing to put on a little weight as you get older because your metabolism slows, but to become morbidly obese is another. No these women or men for that matter are not beautiful no matter what their size. Staying fit and at a reasonable weight is not impossible. Americans are just freakin lazy.

  • Barlion

    No they aren’t. So the woman in pic 21 lost weight and 15 years of age and became a cheerleader again? Sign me up for that shit.

  • I agree to an extent, at the same time, obesity is a problem here in America and we should understand what it does to people. True, being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy but being obese does mean you have a serious health concern. The article is garbage…but you did click on it so apparently you are a spectator just like the rest. There are worse crimes than this in this society, save your book for true injustices.

  • Érica

    This is a very poor minded post.

  • Michel Schweinsberg

    There are many strands here, so we should probably try to untangle them one at a time.

    Your main objection seemed to be that all of the images are of women, thus it was sexist. So what? It’s a sexist article. Big deal. It isn’t clear what point you are trying to make beyond that. It’s a large internet. No matter what you post, someone is going to be offended. Too bad. You’re just going to have to learn to be okay with that.

    Secondly, the reason they are all women is that looks matter more to men in choosing a mate for survival and replication than they do to women. Thus women often care more about their looks, and a cautionary tale such as this can have more of an impact than if the roles were reversed. Despite current cultural norms, we are running on outdated evolutionary programming. Women seek qualities that signal ability to protect the young and provide resources – this can be provided by men despite being overweight. Men seek women most capable of bearing healthy young. Obesity results in many health problems and a lower ability to successful provide offspring. Ergo, we usually choose skinnier mates. Those of us who did not our not our ancesters. At some point, you care about what is healthy, which brings us to our final point.

    It is utterly uncontested among health experts, fitness experts, and doctors, and biologists that it is better for one’s health, i.e., well being in terms of immune system, heart health, endurance, longevity, and overall well being to be fit as opposed to some kind of massive monstrosity. To glorify fatness is a reckless, borderline criminal message to send to young adults and children. It is not a matter of correlation, it is a matter of fat and cholesterol inhibiting blood flow and killing you.

    Other than these points, all this ranting and raving you have done amounts to nothing more than indignant babble, without a substantive argument. If the article hit a little too close to home, make time for some exercise and put down the damn box of triple chocolate donuts.

  • Your Friend

    This article has clearly showcased what it wanted to.. You may ignore yourself but others won’t ignore you. These people may be nice, some of them could be even have a wonderful nature. But, let alone physical appearance aside, I bet most if them wont make it even to their 70’s if they continue their current life style. Beauty / Sex Appeal / Hotness / Gorgeous.. You may term it in anyways, but all these have one underlying fact.. You have to stay fit..& its undoubtedly important. Besides, your physical appearance plays a vital importance in boosting your self-confidence. So, people wake up..Before it is too late..!!

  • Your Friend

    And Women’s Roar.. Please understand the difference between Freedom & Carelessness.. These women are typical example of being careless.. Just bcoz all of them are women, it doesnt mean that you have roll up your sleeves and get into the fight.. Think Ladies..Think…!!

  • bec

    photoshopped ,you can tell by the hair ,come on people ,get a grip on your emotions

  • onesassychick

    I clicked on this expecting some health concerns about Nutella. I don’t care about the before and after photos of women who gained weight over the years. If there are actual health concerns regarding Nutella, then post them. How are we supposed to know that these ladies ate Nutella and got fat from it? We aren’t. The only time Nutella was mentioned was in the title. Is Nutella going to give me cancer? I don’t know. I was expecting some actual facts, not this misleading bullshit.

  • Lucretzia

    sounds like a good idea. I think I will. I like the idea of people keeping their big noses out of other peoples business.

  • Viper

    You accepted it, must have to have watched it and known that most of the girls are young. That makes you guilty as well. Miss fancy pants

  • Tater

    Fat shaming at its best.

  • one condiment alone will not cause blatant weight gain. It involves multiple factors to get to that point, many of which are unavoidable and completely natural.
    I really hope people realize this is far from real.

  • nuala

    What are the consequences of overweight and obesity?

    Health Consequences

    Research has shown that as weight increases to reach the levels referred to as “overweight” and “obesity,”* the risks for the following conditions also increases:1

    Coronary heart disease

    Type 2 diabetes

    Cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon)

    Hypertension (high blood pressure)

    Dyslipidemia (for example, high total cholesterol or high levels of triglycerides)


    Liver and Gallbladder disease

    Sleep apnea and respiratory problems

    Osteoarthritis (a degeneration of cartilage and its underlying bone within a joint)

    Gynecological problems (abnormal menses, infertility)

    *Overweight is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or higher; obesity is defined as a BMI of 30 or higher.

  • nuala

    I hardly think one’s command of the English language dictates one’s knowledge or education on a subject, be it self education or otherwise.

  • Elle Salvatoré Bennett

    But it does indicate the credibility of someone’s argument. Here, the argument and the expression of it are both subpar. Moreover, your assertions below are reiterations of the same tired crap proven to be correlated with–but not caused by–being overweight or obese.

  • Lyn

    I can’t believe u published this. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!! Why no men? Way to perpetuate body issues for women. Piece of work.

  • Dad

    Face chubby chicks, the women who can manage to keep themselves lean and fit are always going to be very highly prized by men. The others, not so much. Nothing is ever going to change that.

  • Mr. Blackheart

    First off, half of those are shopped- badly.
    Second, I don’t think I’ll be visiting this website again.

    What was the point of this garbage?
    Mean people suck.

  • Mr. Blackheart

    Suck me, beautiful.

  • guest…

    i think lots of them look prettier, being chubby is fine..and BTW not everyone likes skinny girls..

  • shelly

    This article is rediculous. What right do you have to lower women like this…. Where’s the men first off and secondly there weight is really none of anyones business especially the media and thirdly they were taken young and then later when they are older obviously they are going to lose that slim teenage figure… Not because of unhealthy choices always but because women’s bodies are always changing you ass. They are beautiful you are the ugly one who ever wrote and posted this article… I’d be so ashamed and disgusted with my self if I posted something like this.

  • alan

    There should be a rule. Anyone who writes an article that makes fun of people must show their full body photo also.

  • conor_ob

    These are all stolen from YouTube compilations made (presumably) by other people. I don’t see any attribution.

  • abdullah

    Fuck u I am eating from 5 years and nothing happened

  • big bug

    wow. seriously? why dont you go in the garage and fix my car? why dont you go re evalate your self before you make an offensive comment? just because women are “weaker” than men you think that you, as a biiig manly man can say that? you are the reason why more girls are becoming stronger. they see your shit, and know. Im a strong woman. i dont need to take bullshit from a overweight pony loving misogynistic piece of stool. Grow a set kiddo.

  • Dennis Dijkstra

    u are totally right.. this is morbid!

  • Dennis Dijkstra

    There are excuses.. but not for MORBID

  • Herb Utsmells

    Sure, Ill have a beer.

  • John Knowlton

    As a healthcare worker, I can most assuredly tell you that you can look at a morbidly obese person and tell that they don’t make the right choices for their health. I can also say obesity absolutely *IS* other people’s business because obesity is a nationwide health concern that drives up the cost of healthcare, increases insurance costs, and leads to lots of health problems that are preventable. It’s ironic that there were campaigns to end smoking in public, yet it’s arguably less dangerous or costly to everyone, yet you never hear people complaining that we shouldn’t be telling smokers how to live their lives. And yes, before anyone assumes anything, I treat obesity and smoking the same. I tell the individual that they need to change their habits and focus on living a healthier life.

  • Elle Salvatoré Bennett

    As a literate human being, I can tell you that there are plenty of women whose BMI reads “obese” but are active and eat according to a varied diet. But that completely ignores the point: no one should be, for any factor of their appearance, objectified as an example for others, without their consent. As a healthcare worker (or, rather, citizen of planet Earth), your concern should also be for the psychological welfare of other human beings; if you are, remotely, interested in that, then I recommend checking out some fat positive blogs, and good luck to you. If you’re–as I suspect–only here to proselytize about the ratio of health to aesthetic using substandard anecdotal evidence (being a grade school teacher wouldn’t qualify me to talk about all children), then by all means, continue on.

  • John Knowlton

    The reason I didn’t mention BMI is because it’s widely acknowledged as outdated and inaccurate. A bodybuilder will rate as “obese” on a BMI chart, for example. You mentioned objectifying people, so I will counter with this: Are commercials featuring people with half their face eaten away by tobacco acceptable? What about advertisements featuring families devastated by drunk-driving accidents? What about sex-ed videos in high school that show people with STI’s? All those examples objectify someone, and the disease they have, as a lesson to others. Why shouldn’t obesity receive the same treatment considering it’s the #1 cause of preventable death in the United States? I’d also like to point out that there is quite a different between being “fat” or “overweight” and being “obese.” The very definition of “obese” is being so drastically overweight that it affects your health. I’m not interested in aesthetics. Just as I would tell someone that is grossly underweight to change their diet and routine so, too, would I tell someone that is obese the same thing. One of the main reasons obesity is such an epidemic in this country is because we are taught to ignore it so that we don’t hurt someone’s feelings, or because we should “love ourselves how we are.” Well, too bad. If you are unhealthy because of choices you make that affect others, be it from obesity, anorexia/bulimia, smoking, drinking, drug-use, etc, then it’s my job to point it out and encourage you to change. And as someone who’s worked with numerous addicts over the years, you do NOT tell them that they’re “beautiful just the way they are.” You tell them about how they’re destroying everything around them that they care about.

  • InDaTruth

    Now do one of men. Yes, obesity is an issue in this country, but bigotry is an even bigger one. And this page sure has a lot of it.

  • InDaTruth

    I think we should have an image comparison of the size of men’s packages. THAT is the the real issue here. Whatever take the focus off the fact so and so has a smaller member than another man. Who has the most money, who has the most beautiful woman, who has the power, fastest car, the most bling, it’s all about making up for the size of the “pud”.

  • Stephanie Weaver

    Wow, you are so right cause there are no fat people in any other country. Total genius right here guys.