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27 Fascinating Movie Facts of the Day

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There are so much complexity in movies we probably miss a lot of interesting facts. Some may have happened behind the stage that you may have never heard about. Here we have 27 facts that might just shed some light!

  • Samus

    Not true, I have the BRD and was a double

  • John Dix

    I call BS on lots of these. There was a body double in Captain America. Or is the behind the scenes lying?

  • dannyjude63

    Jodie Foster as Princess Lea? The movie came out in 1977, so most of it was probably filmed in ’76. Jodie was 13 in ’76. They were going to cast a 13-year-old as Princess Lea???

  • Amodeus

    To be fair, the body double they used was not skinny enough. And so the body double was made thinner with digital technology This was also explained on the Bluray.

  • Miranda Jameson

    Carrie has said in numerous interviews that she was terrified that she hadn’t lost enough weight and they were going to decide to bring Foster in after all. Foster had just wowed the world in Taxi Driver, where she played a prostitute, and Lucas & Kurtz were seriously considering her for the role of Leia.

  • dannyjude63

    But a 13-year-old portraying Princess Leia?

  • Sarah

    A lot of these “facts” are wrong but I guess now a days there is no such thing as investigative journalism.. Anyone can write a blog and that’s why they say not to believe everything you read online…

  • ODwanKenObi

    But a 13 yr old prostitute?

  • dannyjude63

    The character of Iris in Taxi Driver was a young girl. Princess Leia was not. That’s my point. Nothing more.

  • June

    The skinny Steve is wrong. . I saw the behind the scene of Captain America, they used a skinny double, repeating what Evans did at first, and at least 3 countries teamed up to edit it

  • John Paterson

    Why not?

    They would have just written the part differently for her, but it could be done.

  • John Paterson

    In the movie she was not, because George Lucas wanted it that way. He could have easily done it if he wanted to.

  • Jonathan Hilts

    I could see it happening. After all, Luke Skywalker, the early ostensible romantic interest (yes, that’s what we all thought prior to Episode VI), was young as well, about the same age as those crazy kids in Episode II. And by the time Episode V and Episode VI came around, Princess Leia (if not Jodie Foster the actress) would both have been closer to an appropriate age for a romantic entanglement with roguish Han Solo.

  • Some Guy

    Yeah… number 6 is pretty ridiculous… no one wears underwear when they’re home alone…

  • Some Guy

    #10: That image is not from 2002’s Spider-Man film; it is from 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man and, also…”black widow”..? What..? Why would they use a black widow and why would anyone think that the spider shown on screen looked anything like a black widow..?

  • Chaz Gomez

    And the skinny guy got to be seen on screen… He played the bar tender when all the Commandos agreed to join The Captain…

  • Stretchy Scribe

    That’s B.S.

  • MrSatyre

    Prior to watching X-Men, I didn’t know that in order to use your psychic or telekinetic powers, you have to either touch your head or gesture with your hands. (sarcasm intended)