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22 Titanic Movie Blunders You Will Never Unsee

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Movie mistakes happen all the time. And when you see them, you remember them forever. Here we have 22 unfortunate facts that may just ruin your next Titanic movie night!

  • Kykysha

    Umm I may be wrong here, but at #15… Well I kinda doubt its titantic. What with the wind breakers, smiley shits, ball caps, the modern vessels….

  • Kykysha

    It’s 2 different scenes?
    First scene guy is talking to him.
    Second scene guy is talking to someone else.
    It stands to reason, that while on the top deck of a luxury liner in the middle of the Atlantic that when one guy is speaking to you, then turns and speaks to another person the wind might possibly blow your hair a bit…

  • Kykysha

    Thank the gods for movies props lol. If you slow it down is that actually in the movie?

  • raul pin

    the first scene at present time, when they haul the necklace something like that

  • CSven

    Lame! Number 22 especially. It is a completely different angle and the railing blocks the view of all but the widest gap in the pipe in the first shot. This is minutiae…not “Blunders”.

  • CSven

    Number 22: TWO winches are used to lower lifeboats. The specific reason is to keep the lifeboat horizontal. If you saw the movie, you’d notice that this was an “issue” in panicked minutes at the end. They had a hard time keeping lifeboats even during descent. This point is irrelevant.

  • CSven

    Sorry…previous two comments are regarding #9 and #10.

  • MsRed

    A bunch of bogus details, some completely ridiculous, that would never take away from the work of art that the whole ‘recreation’ of the ship/objects/clothing really was. They’re trying to find hair in eggshells.

  • ddnlj

    so much for continuity.

  • Chuck

    It’s from the documentry about the titanic
    But they have got the pics on the ring order he runs to tell hi they found it and then you see the no smoking wall

  • Abah N’ceh Kasepuhan

    happy days…!!!

  • Tim

    They completely overlooked the “Blunder” in the scene where “Rose” is retrieving the axe from the wall.. It’s clearly NOT Kate Winslet but a Stunt Double. Hell, it looks like a MALE Stunt

  • Happy days alright!

  • hassan


  • RJW

    Here’s one – Leonardo DiCaprio plays a budding Chippewa Falls artist who happily describes ice fishing back home on Lake Wissota. But there’s one snag: Lake Wissota wasn’t created until five years after the infamous passenger liner sank in April 1912.

  • joah

    I seen some of these mistakes while watching the video before seeing them here