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28 Convicts You Wouldn’t Mind As A Registered Sex Offender

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Registered sex offenders are everywhere. Whether they were just caught peeing in public or doing the unspeakable, people tend to be cautious around them. However, these 28 lucky individuals probably don’t receive a lot of complaints.

  • tws952

    How about a little info about what each of them did?

  • Dave Craft

    Not sex offenders

  • lalala

    Girl #7 isnt a sex offender. She is a thief but not a sex offender. Lies lies

  • Jay

    Number 21 stole Michael Jacksons nose


    I CALL BS, They are not Sex Offenders

  • truthisgood

    Yes they are. I recognize about 7 of them from the news stories about them taking sexual liberties with their students.

  • chrissymad

    The 2nd one is a tennis player….

  • bre

    RITE I hate when they do that

  • Mikey Howard

    Where is there any information about what they are charged with? Convicted? This is a worthless waste of space without facts.

  • Mikey Howard

    And “You probably won’t mind?” So if a sex offender is a handsome man then it’s ok? You need counseling.

  • Ugotbusted

    Photo #3 is from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s “Mugshot of the day”. She was arrested for DUI, not a sex offense. This site is a Hack Job.

  • Mary Wilcox Bussard

    So they are young women…they are still SEX offenders….you think the public doesn’t care? Whoever created this article is a F#%@!#G idiot.

  • Tina

    So you are saying that if you are good looking it’s alright to be a sex offender? Wrong.

  • ToxicCupcake

    Some of these women are NOT sex offenders. I’ve seen a few of these women in the news before for breaking and entering, theft, etc.. Smh. I’d be extremely pissed off if someone posted my picture with a caption like this!!

  • ToxicCupcake

    Not all of them are. I’ve seen a few before as well and they were not arrested for being a sex offender.

  • Dave Johnston

    there is no such thing as a good sex offender. male or female. no matter what they look like

  • reverend

    This is too weird. Half of them has a facial expression saying “Hell yeah, totally worth it. Need a sitter next week? I’m all kinds of all over that $#!€!”
    Something is seriously wrong with our society…

  • Project Pete

    One of them is from my town in Illinois for shoplifting. Not a sex offense. this site is bogus.

  • goodone

    yeah this is messed up.

  • AnotherTexasGuy

    Number 7 is a former El Paso, TX. beauty queen that was arrested for shoplifting at an El Paso Dillard’s, which was compounded by traffic warrants. So, not a sex offender by any means.

  • Guest

    Are you saying it’s OK for women to be offenders since a cute face can cover it all.

  • Vanessa White

    No kidding, it is useless without the info.

  • jason


  • jason


  • Cooltop

    Wouldn’t it be invading their privacy to pull from public records and broadcast their crimes to the world just because they’re hot?

  • Bilbo Baggins

    hunny, im pretty sure you won’t be on a list like this anytime soon XD

  • mehmeh

    ‘public records’ They’re there for the PUBLIC, also no it’s not invading their privacy..

  • Arthur Jarret

    Exactly. I just hope they won’t leave out their adress… how else am I supposed to start stalking the nastiest offender?

  • Emma

    This article is offensive. Why is ok for people to be sex offenders if they are young pretty females. This is an insult to victims if sexual crime. Especially the victims of the sexual crimes committed by these women.

  • jacktheripper

    hey ole dumbass you think that possibly it was just a case of them being over 18 and the boy’s just a a couple years younger… crazy how life can work

  • Mary Wilcox Bussard

    They are “registered” sex offenders which means they were found guilty so even if your scenario is correct, they are still sex offenders. If these were pictures of good looking men…it would be viewed very differently.

  • Moordoors

    I remember seeing at least 2 in other lists; one for DUI, and another for minor drug possession. They not all sex offenders. Isn’t that libel?

  • Captain Obvious

    This is stupid, they’re probably just college girls who flashed their boobs in public and got caught by the po po.

  • Dex

    These are just mugshots of attractive females. There are many on the list who are not sec offenders.

  • BeenThereDoneThat666

    They are not all sex offenders. The third woman on the list was busted for DUI. I just read a story about her last week

  • bob vey

    Tell me they all live on the same street & then tell me what City & State so I can move there

  • Guest

    hehe.. wow, dude, that was hash

  • John Meyers

    Being sexually abused isn’t any less horrific if the perpetrator is good looking. If you violate someone, you violate someone. I find it DISGUSTING that because these girls are good looking you assume there is no victim. No always means no – it has nothing to do with anyone’s appearances.

  • ChesterTheMolester

    Right, but 2 months prior they weren’t. Not until the “offender” simply
    turned a year older. You just don’t get it do you? When i was 17 I had a
    girlfriend that was 14 and nobody had a problem with it. I turned 18
    and on the same day she turned 15. And suddenly I’m a “sex offender”.
    You say “they are still sex offenders” Fuck you and the high horse you
    rode in on. Half the so-called sex offenders in the system didn’t do a
    fucking thing wrong and that’s a fact. In Nevada u are a sex offender if
    you’re caught peeing outside or showing your tits for cryin out loud.
    No, I didn’t get in trouble with the law if that’s what you’re thinking.
    The point is, I never should have had to fear that happening in the
    first place. Now, isn’t there someone else you have to go judge with
    that self righteous attitude?

  • ChesterTheMolester

    What I AM saying is half the so-called “sex offenders” should have never even been in the system. They’re there because of lying ass witnesses or because their girlfriend is 2 years younger and u pissed her parents off. It’s so easy to get snagged up for a so-called “sex offense” I know a guy who has to register as one for “indecent exposure” u know what he did? went behind a 7-11 and took a piss. That’s it. I know another guy that went to prison TWICE on sex offenses because he had been with the same girl for several YEARS and all of the sudden he turns 18 and he’s a sex offender if he touches her. gimmie a break. He has to register the rest of his life and he is now MARRIED TO THE SO CALLED VICTIM. And don’t even get me started on the teacher witch hunts and how many of those wrongfully ended up in prison. Like one guy was saying these bitches probably just flashed their tits or something.

  • Scott Strang

    One of those chicks I’ve seen used as a generic advertisement picture. It’s probably not a good idea it post her as a sex offender. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • Superman

    Notice they don’t say what the offense is. NONE of them would be on the sex offender list unless they had sex with a minor multiple times. The courts treat female criminals a lot easier than males. A male could get on the sex offender list just for peeing outside near a school or for streaking. Whereas a female has to do something very serious, like pedophile sex, to get on there. AND to top it off, many of these female pedophiles get off the sex offender list after 10 years whereas a male pedophile is on the the list FOR LIFE.

  • Charles Adams

    “ChesterTherMolester”? GTFO

  • Mr Click

    Imagine if these were attractive men. “Oh, it’s okay that he raped you, look at how good-looking he was! You should consider yourself lucky.”

    Fucking disgusting.

  • azpiercer

    At 17 there should be no reaso for dating a 14 year old

  • Iknowthetruth

    Bullshit. Girl #3 was arrested for a DUI in Florida. This site is just pulling pics of pretty girls and calling them sex offenders for a political purpose. Lies.

  • Tom Toms

    “Sex offender” doesn’t mean much in some states. Look at California where you get registered for life for things like peeing in public or flashing your boobs at a concert, do we really care about those kinds of things enough to label them as sex offenders for their whole lives ? A fine would be enough if you ask me and you could still register them if they do it repeatedly.

  • Patrick O’Toole

    Smiles from over half of them. Were these mug shots or tryouts for Americas next top model.

  • f00768500

    Hmmm… from the refutes I’ve read so far, you may be right. Some E’s may also have been involved, maybe even some crystal meth… ^__^

  • f00768500

    I find it interesting that the so-called journo who posted this article hasn’t responded to to any of the refutes made so far… quite a few of them repeatedly… 8S