How Much Does James Bond Cost The Taxpayer? [Infographic]

How Much Does James Bond Cost The Taxpayer? [Infographic]

James Bond may be the world’s coolest secret agent killing super villains and saving hot babes all while cruising around in his fully modified Aston Martin that he seems to destroy quite frequently. While all this is fantastic, it does cost a lot of money and it has to come from somewhere. Where does it come from you ask? The taxpayers of course! This infographic breaks down the expenses it takes to keep James Bond in operation. It’s all fun and games until you realize it was you paying for his secret agent gadgets!


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  • Why the hell is it in Dollars? It’s a British franchise!

  • Michael

    Sounds like a bargain. Britain is still in one piece, right?

  • Kykysha

    lol I was thinking the same. The pound is worth more than the dollar, has been for a long while. It’s why I left london, it was cheaper to live in malibu…