Marvel vs DC Box Office Rumble [Infographic]

Marvel vs DC Box Office Rumble [Infographic]

Everyone has their favorite characters from DC and Marvel and may have even duked it out them out in Street Fighter style Marvel vs DC fighting games but how well do they fare in a battle at the US box office? This infographic compares the revenue performance each movie has made throughout the last 50 years with the price adjusted for inflation. Can you guess who the winner will be?

  • Tired of misleading charts

    Money numbers are always skewed over time and never state the real issue. Tickets sold in general. Prices always change and todays prices are over double what they were 10 years ago, triple 15-20 years ago. Money earned means nothing.

    For example:
    2011 Ghost Rider at $52.7 mil as opposed to 1986 Howard the Duck at $31.2 mil.

    Sure Ghost Rider made $21 mil more, but Howard most likely sold more tickets…. AKA more successful on number of tickets sold.

  • AJ

    Did you completely miss the part where they adjusted the numbers for inflation? Howard the Duck’s domestic gross in it’s day was just under $15 million…they doubled it for the purposes of this comparison to show the inflated gross.