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9 Movie Actors Who Pose Exactly The Same


Who’s got time to look in the mirror to figure out a new post for their upcoming movie cover? These actors and actresses sure don’t. Coming up with a new pose for every cover is so 2008. You better pose the exact same for your movie titles otherwise you’ll be 2000 and late.

  • great collection! but im quite bewildered on the one for Johnny Depp… maybe he’s having a bad shaped skull if revealed entirely

  • Thief.

    Stolen from Cracked.

  • Amanda

    This was funny! I guess they look their best in certain poses…

  • 2nd thief

    Completely and shamelessly stolen from cracked!

  • This is pathetic.

    You honestly could not write your own article? This was on Cracked months ago. If you’re going to completely rip off someone else’s work, at least put some effort into making it seem like something different.

  • Jennifer is never happy cause she’s always getting dumped, lolol.

  • Wow. Good job, jackasses.

  • Colin leads with his forehead, Jennifer, her chin..

  • I thought the same thing. Give some credit!

  • Rish

    Thats not a pose, thats their face.

  • trophy

    She is a so-so actress who is constantly, CONSTANTLY pushing her hair away from her face. So annoying.