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8 Bewildering Game of Thrones Logic

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Game of thrones is confusing enough without all the baffling logic throughout the series. Maybe I just haven’t watched enough episodes to get it but with the mind bending examples of logic in this gallery I think I will probably just never understand it all… Do you?

  • VinFooo

    Sometimes you jsut gottta rol with it man!
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  • duberry

    jon snow has a lot of sex later on…

  • These may actually be the least funny memes I have ever seen on the internet… coming from a fan of the show and the books. Smh.

  • The Space Bandito

    I don’t want to piss on your strawberries but that was the stupidest meme ever. Every single one of those was explained in the show.

  • PizpotGargravarr

    Yeah, literally none of these are examples of bad logic.

  • f

    just a terrible, terrible list, everything actually makes complete sense

  • Fuck you

    whoever made these memes really need to get his shit together….

  • Maestro

    Sexy man can’t prefer to have a sex with his sister than anyone else? So what? Sister is hot, and she’s still a woman. The only difference is – how society reacts, ignoring the fact, that we all came from Adam and Eve, but Bible doesn’t support it. hah. Someone should set up memes for Bible logic.