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Female POV: 45 Sexy Poses From Her Perspective

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Sure there are a lot of sexy babes at the beach during the summer time, but nothing beats the view except for when it’s from her perspective. Here we have 45 hot chicks showing off their bod from their own personal POV. The view is always sexier on the other side!

  • Joey

    Why do women fear to say, I love you, even if you know they do?

  • Jeff

    I love boobs because they look nice

  • malachi

    Me too and they feel even better!

  • malachi

    Because they think it means a relationship!

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  • Royce clark

    43 can get it for days fellas and she cut in all the right places

  • OGC

    I need a piece of those boobs, can someone help me with hers?

  • Drock

    Does anyone know her name?

  • rooze`


  • Mark

    look at the damn hard nipple …shoooot

  • Nas

    ummm.. women say “i love you” more then I do or any other men does. I don’t know what you are talking about.

  • mentorgy

    i like to feel them, suck the milk, then bang them till there flat xD

  • Melvin

    The sexual harassment law is an annoyance the whole world could have lived without, I know it’s something I could have lived without. Complimenting breasts and cleavage in public should not have become a crime.

  • philippe massip

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  • philippe massip

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  • philippe massip

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  • amir