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  • anon

    So many edited photos and well planned set ups. So no it’s not 55 perfectly timed.

  • Douche Baguette

    I’m crushing your head!

  • Bryan Bellcross Fury


  • cyclenny

    Simply Unbelievable ! The timing is outstanding !!!!

  • 808snaredrumsnaredrumclap

    the best part of #45 is the dude’s face three rows up…classic

  • Tiberio

    #12 i can picture Jabba’s Sail Barge running her over

  • Tiberio

    #53 did anyone else immediately feel Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia?

  • andy

    its funny how everyone is shitting themselves and hes just like “meh”.

  • Detecti7e

    The tennis players XD

  • Yung Tsai

    Hha nice.

  • Sarah

    Hey look! Sarah Jessica Parker is reading a book in #35!

  • Jim

    shes reading 50 Shades of Grey

  • derp

    #3: Something. Nay, someONE is afoot.

  • Regicidal

    So much edit. Why so much edit?

  • Gear

    Why put up the FAKE ones?? Everybody knows. And they ruin the set.


  • drwesley14


  • Sandra Anthis

    I love that statue and my first thought was: Man he is big… And then I looked at the whole picture. Thank you Apolo.

  • Kled

    I don’t understand what is special about 12. :(

  • Wolfspyification

    Jolly Rancher

  • Bill White

    Because of the shadow of the flag it looks as if the platform is floating in the air.

  • saddam

    #1 is edited, the guy is wearing a shot sleeve but on the shadow its a fold long sleeve even the collar… rubbish photo

  • Hvadinumsen

    What what, in my butt

  • Vellllllllllll

    No.11 looks pretty fake…

  • alx

    #55 is fake

  • Houstonguy1984

    #23 is pretty funny

  • Mark Endsley

    with the shadow it looks like she is on a star wars floaty platform. Although it is one of those pictures some will immediately see one way, and some will see the other.

  • me

    Damn ads go right over the pics – stupid

  • bri

    it’s apollo

  • True

    Did anyone else chub up at number 21?

  • billy

    whats up with the ads blocking the picture!!!! Site bites!

  • donjoe

    sarrah jessica parker is that you?

  • sssssseee gggooom

    37 reminds me of austin powers

  • sue

    First one looks fake. Shadows are not “shadowy” but very sharp.

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