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55 Perfectly Timed & Hilariously Epic Photos

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Pictures are worth a thousand words but every once in a while, somebody gets lucky and take a photo at just the right time that makes it that much better. In this gallery, we have compiled 55 of the most perfectly timed shots on the internet for your amusement.


  • anon

    So many edited photos and well planned set ups. So no it’s not 55 perfectly timed.

  • I’m crushing your head!

  • true

  • cyclenny

    Simply Unbelievable ! The timing is outstanding !!!!

  • 808snaredrumsnaredrumclap

    the best part of #45 is the dude’s face three rows up…classic

  • Tiberio

    #12 i can picture Jabba’s Sail Barge running her over

  • Tiberio

    #53 did anyone else immediately feel Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia?

  • andy

    its funny how everyone is shitting themselves and hes just like “meh”.

  • Detecti7e

    The tennis players XD

  • Hha nice.

  • Sarah

    Hey look! Sarah Jessica Parker is reading a book in #35!

  • Jim

    shes reading 50 Shades of Grey

  • derp

    #3: Something. Nay, someONE is afoot.

  • Regicidal

    So much edit. Why so much edit?

  • Gear

    Why put up the FAKE ones?? Everybody knows. And they ruin the set.


  • drwesley14


  • I love that statue and my first thought was: Man he is big… And then I looked at the whole picture. Thank you Apolo.

  • Kled

    I don’t understand what is special about 12. :(

  • Wolfspyification

    Jolly Rancher

  • Because of the shadow of the flag it looks as if the platform is floating in the air.

  • saddam

    #1 is edited, the guy is wearing a shot sleeve but on the shadow its a fold long sleeve even the collar… rubbish photo

  • Hvadinumsen

    What what, in my butt

  • Vellllllllllll

    No.11 looks pretty fake…

  • alx

    #55 is fake

  • Houstonguy1984

    #23 is pretty funny

  • Mark Endsley

    with the shadow it looks like she is on a star wars floaty platform. Although it is one of those pictures some will immediately see one way, and some will see the other.

  • me

    Damn ads go right over the pics – stupid

  • bri

    it’s apollo

  • True

    Did anyone else chub up at number 21?

  • billy

    whats up with the ads blocking the picture!!!! Site bites!

  • donjoe

    sarrah jessica parker is that you?

  • sssssseee gggooom

    37 reminds me of austin powers

  • sue

    First one looks fake. Shadows are not “shadowy” but very sharp.

  • tom

    The flag shadow DOES make the platform in which she is standing appear to be floating above it.

  • Debauche

    No. 11 is not fake. It really happened that way.

  • stampschick

    Fake or not, some of them made me roll with laughter!!!

  • Michael Brooks

    Not necessarily accidentally timed, but the timing was still good.

    The implication is what needs changing.