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Sacred Order of Geeks: 16 Most Common Types

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These days there are as many types of geeks are there are types of wine and strains of Mary Jay. From gadget geeks to math nerds to pop culture fanatics there’s pretty much a “geek” in every category. Here we have a gallery of the 16 more common types of geek you can usually find in any crowd. Take a look and tell us in the comments what you think!

  • wantgant

    Yep, I never thought about it liek that before. Makes pretty good sense dude.

  • Harrison Callen

    I think i’m a mixture of a few.

  • Ryan

    Hi, I’m the owner of this infographic.  Please either provide a link to the source or remove the content.   

  • Geek

    Mana isn’t red and why would you drink something that gives +1 mana, most spells need minimum 10.

  • Psychosophe

    Que de stupidités dans ces 16 types. L’auteur a t-il rencontré un seul geek de toute sa vie? Il est bien plus facile de simplifier et caricaturer ce que l’on ne peut comprendre.

    shitty article. A fan of britney spear and gutter press, a geek? everyone can call himself a geek nowaday without even understanding what the word means.

  • Jared Deklems

    Turns out I’m an “Ubergeek”, “Cosplay Geek”, and an “Internet Geek”. Huh.
    Anime is not just tentacle pr0n…

  • Me

    Forgot horror geeks.

  • Rach

    What about the tv geek, thats meee