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Meanwhile in Japan: 17 Bizarre Kit Kat Bar Flavors


Diabetes doesn’t get any more delicious than in the form of mouth watering Kit Kat bars. While we all know and love the traditional chocolate wafer taste, Japan has clearly taken it above and beyond and even further with these extraordinarily strange flavors ranging from apple to green tea to pineapple. While I can’t judge how they taste, I don’t think I really want to try them either… Take a look in the gallery above and let us know in the comments which one you would actually want to try.

  • CryoShocked

    Some of this stuff sounds delicious! I’d definitely try apple, green tea, espresso, pumpkin, salted caramel, apple vinegar with white chocolate, chestnut, and caramel macchiato flavored Kit-Kats! You guys have a very narrow palate. ;P

  • This list should be renamed “2 bizarre, 1 Arguable And 14 Must-Try KitKat Bar Flavors”.

  • Boistrous

    Pooh yeah, I’d wanna wrap my chops around this Kit Kat Beast!

  • Boistrous

    Green tea taste sensation, I’ll be getting down with this flava. Bonafied!

  • I tried the green tea Kit Kat bars when I lived in Japan and they were fabulous!