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28 Celebrities Who Evolved Like Pokemons

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Anyone who’s played Pokemon knows your Squirtle is going to evolve at level 16, but did you also know celebrities evolve at certain ages too? From Ronald Weasley to Conan O’Brien to Louis CK these celebrities are all showing their ages of evolution. Make sure to check these out for the lulz and the surprise towards the end!

  • Roslynsmith122

     These Pokemons is so very Creative and Mind Blowing Picture.

  •  lol, great idea and it was executed very well.  The Sarah Jessica Parker one was just wrong though.

  • Jinnocenteyez

     LOLzzz This is very funny and interesting pix :)

  • Meowwww

     it would’ve been executed better if they were the same person…..

  • Nani

    very nice.. all thou Rubert Grint isnt the “young Conan O’Brien” ..bad joke.

  • MikeM

    The Keanu Reeves one should have had some stubble photoshopped onto the last Mewtwo.

  • phatmatt

    to many stinkin jews

  • raphyam

    WTH is wrong with you? Go to hell with the rest of the Nazis, douche.

  • Dinglehopper

    At first I thought, “Will Smith’s little boy didn’t grow up to become Kimbo Slice.” Then I realized it was funny, heh.

  • kk

    Emma stone turns into who?

  • dude

    too many

  • Blinkman

    Christina Hendricks

  • Keanu Reeves’ was perfect.

  • tc09

    I laughed so hard at most of these lol.

  • Hyerin

    Keanu hahaha

  • S

    the plural is “pokemon.” assholes.