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75 Sexy Babes Looking Naturally Beautiful

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Sure there are implants and plastic surgery for the flat and ugly and it certainly will help up to an extent, but naturally sexy women are rare and well… very sexy. If you don’t believe me then you just need to check out this gallery of the 75 sexiest babes on the internet and I’m sure you will agree towards the end.

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  • Spit

    Who is 18?

  • I think it’s Jessica Jane Clement from The Real Hustle. Who used to be a natural beauty before getting fake huge tits, which in her case, doesn’t really make her look any worse tbh. There’s a nice wee clip of her from her pre boob job time somewhere on the internet, that’s the only reason I know this lol.

  • pink ele

    *I suppose now days “natural” means earth toned makeup instead of bright…

  • Guest

    dude, some of these have forgotten their natural look a long time ago 😀

  • jiji

    nr 70 is a man

  • more than half these girls wouldn’t even be on here if they actually had clothes on! the real beautiful and sexy ones are the ones that can drive you crazy even with their boobs, legs n butt all properly covered! Just saying.

  • Nikki Henderson

    what the fuck do any of these have to do with natural beauty? Not a single one of these photos has a woman without make-up, half naked or skantilly clad or posing in a sexy pose. Yes, they are all beautiful… but let me see a girl without make up in a turtleneck sweaters and bold eyes that light up a room. If I take my shirt off for the internet… will I be beautiful too. Fuck whoever wrote this post, you’re an idiot.

  • John Handcock

    Definitely. Every one strips in laundromats. #41 FTW.

  • John Handcock

    YES!!! OBVIOUSLY she WAS. Otherwise, WHY would she be on this list?! *duh* gosh…

  • John Handcock


  • John Handcock

    #10’s one of my fav’s too, but #41 is definitely the best.

  • John Handcock

    Really? She’s one of my favorite sexy women of all time.

  • John Handcock

    PEOPLE!!!! Will any of you LOOK at #76!! Will any of you SEE those tits! SERIOUSLY!

  • fahque

    what’s natural about most of these whores?

  • How great would it have been if they had slipped “Goatse” in there somewhere?

  • Cute… :)

  • Rick

    #4 is Jessica Jane Clement & she has fake boobs, fake lips and a nose job. So much for ‘natural beauty’

  • micky

    70 is a tranny

  • Screwthis

    #1 yeah natural beauty with photoshop! most of em actually

  • bmore4

    These girls look anything other than natural.

  • I was thinking the same thing. 98% of these women are posing, have makeup on, are “ready” for pictures. That is NOT natural beauty!

  • Shahzad

    Why u want #5, any special reason?

  • don

    nothing natural about any of these pictures.

  • YouAreDumbshits

    None of these are natural you stupid uneducated fucks.

  • Simon

    Anyone know the name of #18??

  • haer

    3 of these look naturally beautiful, the rest look like they were done up for a photo shoot… cause they were.
    Tttle – fail

  • these are natural? Have to Say NO!

  • yup

    i think #1 and #60 are the best!

  • Avi singh

    Who’s # 1??

  • Sret

    Whos #70 the redhead in the pool

  • Martin Rettig

    How did you get to number 5? I am stuck on number 1 :)