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How to Get a Girlfriend: 7 Lines That Never Fail

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Have you ever wondered how bros think they can “score” with the ladies? Well, wonder no more. With the following batch of hilarious illustrations, you’ll know just what goes on in the mind of your average broloceraptor whenever he thinks of getting with a chick.

Personally, I’d like to try out one of these awkward lines and see how well I fare at the club.

  • lakawak

    Yeah…because the people of wildammo AREN’T virgins…riiight.

    Sorry, but “Hey baby…I write for a shitty blog…wanna come with me and help me spend my welfare check? Bes fare is on me!” does not get women wet.

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  • Guest

    Old wrong news.

  • David Summers

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  • David Summers

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