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Dat Ass: 99 Greatest Ass Shots of All Time

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When given a choice between ass or tits I always go for a nice ass. Why? I don’t quite know to be honest… does it even matter? Why are you even reading this when there are 99 amazing asses up on top in the gallery? Maybe you’re at work and your boss is behind you so you scrolled down here? If that’s the case I recommend going to work for an adult company (or even write for us at WildAmmo). Now those are ass promoting environments!

Dat Ass: 95 Sexy Girls in Yoga Pants
100+ Greatest Asian Asses of all Time

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  • Jeff Jones

    I had to stop and take my time on #8. Whew!

  • joe


  • this dude above me is gay

    this list should be 99% black women. STFU

  • this dude above me is gay

    sorry, one above you my dude

  • Bud

    Those are her fingers

  • Dima

    are you fucking kidding man ? this butts are incredible. just shut up and enjoy ^_^

  • Those were terrible! One, maybe two of them were worth saving — the rest were rather run-of-the-mill. None of them really leapt out at me as WOW particularly..

  • john

    bunch of ugly hose bags imo

  • john

    perhaps but you can no deny the nice black ass.

  • john

    This must have been done by a bling faggot

  • john

    nigger bitch ass is hard to beat and i am white.

  • small brained welfare chimp

  • yotte


  • mahranwardeh


  • my favorite Stacey Kiebler

  • rocky

    bruntle ass is so wild

  • alejo

    75 my fav

  • Brad

    I think the title should be “Dat Ass: 99 hastily thrown together pics of random asses with little regard for quality”.

  • Brad

    Sorry, I meant to insert the word “pantied” in there somewhere. And yeah, half the the asses are spectacular. Half meh.

  • Brad

    …and my fave is #69

  • Brad

    Fuck… #68. I’m done.

  • nigg girls are ugly

    Alek77 is right they are ugly and everyone knows that black girls have penises

  • Gitch28

    Only black males prefer the huge fat roll buttocks of a black female.

  • ampoolea

    is there a link to an archive to download them all? :)

  • brasileiro

    esse rabo número 63 é brasileiro, com toda a certeza….

  • DAMN

    damn damn damn damn damn damn!

  • mchammer

    82 im going To Texas A+M !!

  • xaaam

    13 is perfect i love it!

  • johnbob

    black women always have extra cellulose in their asses and i find it disgusting. BUT THIS COLLECTION… These are beautiful.

  • Wildfire

    10, 13, 14, 24, 31, 32, 44, 45, 47, 48, 49, 50, 53, 58, 59, 60, 61, 63, 68, 66, 68, 69, 75, 80, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99 are the only ones that need to be seen

  • Simon

    No.65… I took that shot! Ha!!

  • Colby

    Who’s number 32?

  • Guest

    WHO IS 94???

  • galodeo

    Like to help you but can’t I had gathered the names of all those good pussy ass gals but when I gave that lab top to my wife I forgot transfer that info and delete it and I caught hell when she saw that her ass was not the only one I worshiped.

  • Asa

    Yea 94 is the best

  • Anon

    This gallery is probably a “C” at best. Anyone who thinks with their head on their shoulders and not the head in their pants would see that although *most* of these women are beautiful overall, given the title of this gallery, only about 25% of them have an ass worth looking at (I agree with Wildfire). That and like a few other people, with a phrase like “of all time” in the title, I expected a variety of women from different ethnicities (other than the few asians included). If it was your intention to post only white women, then it should have said: “Greatest ass shots of white women of all time”. Then I would give it a “B”.

  • whiteknight

    Why is it that a white guy made a list for other whites and there are porch monkeys complaining. Go start your own list. Its like the NAACP, you want to be included in white stuff, then start your own shit too that whites aren’t allowed in. Moolies. Just accept there are things you don’t need to be part of and move along……

  • smddddddd

    8 looks damn fine

  • Lee_Everett

    Hey come on dont be racist

  • daDadaDAd

    sağdakimi soldakimi

  • bootylover

    After reading some of the comments, not everyone is making it a racial issue. Some are only saying they’ve seen white women with more ass or better looking asses than these. They’re expecting a gallery of women with an ass like Alexis Texas.

  • Anon

    Two things:

    1. Who ever said the list was made just for whites? Just because it had mostly white women? How do you know if the staff is even white? There are guys from different ethnicities who like white women and white guys who like women from other ethnicities. It’s a list for any male to enjoy regardless of ethnicity. The staff just posted what they like.

    2. You have the analogy with the NAACP backwards. The organization was formed because colored people weren’t accepted nor acknowledged for anything they did, so they had to band together to get their voice heard and get recognized.

    Bottom line, I understand everyone’s reaction. It’s as I had said in my previous post: people came across this blog and saw the title and thought they’d see women from all ethnicities. If the staff had it titled with with the phrase “white women”, everyone’s reaction would be different.

  • jeff133

    Anyone know who no.45 is?

  • Trollalot

    what is the name of that women on picture 68??

  • Trollalot

    what is the name of that women on picture 94??

  • LOL

    22 hairy much?

  • LikeThisAss

    39 *.*

  • BroFlo

    There is a bunch of boney-asses in this list. Its a disgrace.


    That’s one awesome list. I’d go for 11, 40, 60… We all got our faves 😉

  • 666efg

    wtf ewww .. nty