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Katy Perry: 48 Sexiest Photo Moments

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Not only does Katy Perry wear ridiculous outfits, she looks fucking sexy in them. California girls really are unforgettable with daisy dukes and bikinis on top. Here we have compiled 48 of Katy’s sexiest photos from around the web. Enjoy!

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  • cosmiccowboy714

    i think i just came,katy in that cat outfit damnit man!

  • Liamwhite15

    photo 19 is pretty damn sexy

  • Ronitshah91

    Great Stuff But This IS Super Hot

  • Bill regad

    sweet lady i love her

  • Bill regad

    love the shot

  • Bill regad

    she is the wild 1

  • Bill regad

    love the garters

  • Kornkiller6669

    number 26 kinda looked like it had some camel toe in it 😉

  • @Ke_SoThurl

    #32 , WTF – !!!!

  • Paramananda70


  • Paramananda70


  • Alissa DiCarlo

    Alissa DiCarlo
    Soc Sec # 155-84-1267
    Date of Birth  08/04/88

  • Jeff Jones

    Love #32!

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Id suck Katy Perrys vagina any time. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Soooo seeeexxxyyyy!

  • matt

    wow total vag shot on 32

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    My sex addiction has layed the course for my entire life. It is what led me to do porn. It is what has caused me to seek out sexual trysts everywhere and for as long as I can remember.

  • xqqme

    Katy could pass for “Wonder Woman” in that pose… what’d’y’all think?

  • Tabatha Biel

    Alissa C. DiCarlo, no offense, but you’re a hot mess. You’re basically a fucking cum whore. You need to evaluate what you’ve become and make changes in your life before its too late. Good luck.

  • Those are just sheer panties right?

  • momenton

    she is so sexy.

  • Jake the Snake Torrance, Cali

    ALISSA C DICARLO, does anyone actually go into your pussy raw, and if so, do they piss green afterwards?

  • i don’t know if it just me but i think it’s really cheap to dress like this if it was me and i have good voice . i sing with my voice not my body

  • Squatchmen

    31 is Sooooooo nice

  • DAMN # 32!

  • iWantToFUckUKaty

    im only 13 but when i see her many pictures
    lol my dick is like @[email protected] im about to cum. just telling the truth no hard feelings

  • joy

    i wanna suck her boobs until my lips aches

  • Hotnewness

    Holy **** 32! :O

  • Hotnewness

    35… Mmm, dat ass.

  • humza bhutta

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  • humza bhutta

    you so so so sexy ok

  • jason

    dude who the hell r u?

  • Dr John

    Those EYES…. And didn’t know her body is slammin’….

  • Want to Fuck KAty

    Photo 2, Damn she has a perfect ass

  • Alex

    Jezus Christ 47 (*.*)

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I started masturbating at only 18 months I’m told. I guess it just felt good. At 9 years I started to insert peeled cucumbers into my vagina. At age 10 I was going down on my bff at summer camp. I lost my virginity at age 11 to a girl. She strapped on a dildo and fucked the hell out of me. I like sex,a lot.

  • I Got A Boner

    Holy shit number 41 is like her awesome tits are about to burst out of that shirt

  • she needs to get her ass fucked so hard. i’d milk her giant tits 😉

  • asd

    big ass, big tits, long legs, sexy face. wish she was in porn cuz I wanna see her getting doubled and cum on her face


    just outta curiosity do you really mean all this stuff?

  • ALI

    katy, I just want to say I love you.I dont love any woman ,you are my heart are not sexy ,you are beautiful.

  • ALI

    KATY please help me I cant forget I dont LOVE any woman as I LOVE you. SEND ME AN EMAIL PLEASE.

  • ALI


  • xamm

    very perfect shots, i like katy!

  • I think there is a set of pics in the outfit #46, anybody know if thats true?

  • mdlfngr

    Katy is so fine I’d Suck Her Daddys dick

  • fateme

    i like u katy so so so much!