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17 Completely Hilarious & Ridiculous Test Answers

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Tests. For as long as there’s been school, there’s been tests—matriculation, if you will. They’re used to judge our proficiency in the subjects we study, a gauge to see if we understand what we’ve actually been learning. These days, some tests are done by rote, in which students have to memorize the answers instead of actually understanding the subject matter.

Regardless of how the tests are actually conducted and what they entail, tests are boring, and they’re often very stressful. A few jokesters have used their school tests as opportunities to be hilarious, by writing ridiculous answers on the sheets or even drawing illustrations to illustrate their wit. Here’s some of the funniest, and most ridiculous test answers we’ve found.

  • These answers are hilarius , funny and  may be ridiculous but some of them are correct too :-p

  • Tatanea

    Some of them looked fake to me. For instance, the last one was graded, but there was not a name on the test. I seen others that had the funny answer, but the other answers were missing. I’m not saying all of them were fake, but obviously some of them were.