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Facebook: Why You Shouldn’t Upload Awkward Photos


Some guy named Jon (that’s what we’re calling him—”some guy”) put up a new portrait of himself on Facebook. It pictured him jumping—awkwardly, even. It’s so very exploitable.

One of his friends decided to have a bit of fun with the photo by taking his jump out of the original and putting him in a load of other images, given the jump a most amusing context.

To make things worse (or better), his friend invited others to offer photoshop suggestions, some of which include the photo with Die Hard’s Hans Gruber, and Jon in the WWE wrestling ring.

  • Okc Dave

    Umm, who cares? This is silly, you could take any photo of anyone and put it in different contexts so you’re essentially suggesting people should never post pics which would make the world a really dull place.

  • LobsterGator

    I do this all day, every day, and get paid for it.

  • FoxValleySpirit

    I think it’s pretty funny and done in fun. Very creative.