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  • Manitoba204

    It would be nice if there was a story attached to each of these pictures. 

  • Doodle1234

    @e0cfbaef7570a5b9487121af5d94cb17:disqus  No it wouldn’t.

  • Kids8mybrain

    Dude, the coach marrying the teen student is a big enough deal without some hack photoshopping the chick’s face. Did she really need to look like Andy Dick, too?

  • NKB


  • NKB

    Well, I guess it goes without saying, but I cannot help myself, “Yes, I do believe that Ianieka who eats four rolls of toilet paper a week, is full of ……

  • Colette125

    Absolutely! I’d like to know more . . . I think – but then again . . .