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20 Worst TV Guests From American Television


When one thinks of America one can’t help but imagine its strong military, its sense of commercialism, and the movies of Hollywood. Yet in spite of all the popular imagery America manages to project, there is a seedy underbelly to America’s greatness.

It comes in the form of afternoon talk shows, notably those hosted by Tyra Banks, Maury Povich, and Jerry Springer. The people who guest on those shows are sights to be laughed at, scorned, and shamed, for bringing out the worst of American culture.

These are but a few of the sights you’ll see should you turn on the TV at 2 in the afternoon.

  • Manitoba204

    It would be nice if there was a story attached to each of these pictures. 

  • Doodle1234

    @e0cfbaef7570a5b9487121af5d94cb17:disqus  No it wouldn’t.

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    Dude, the coach marrying the teen student is a big enough deal without some hack photoshopping the chick’s face. Did she really need to look like Andy Dick, too?

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  • NKB

    Well, I guess it goes without saying, but I cannot help myself, “Yes, I do believe that Ianieka who eats four rolls of toilet paper a week, is full of ……

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    Absolutely! I’d like to know more . . . I think – but then again . . .