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6 Reasons Why Men Shouldn’t Pose For Fantasy Covers


You know those awkward poses you see sexy female protagonists striking on the covers of cheap fantasy novels? Well, they’re not very comfortable, and as I’ve already mentioned, they’re awkward as hell to do in real life. They might look ‘sexy’ and ‘alluring’ or even ‘demure’ on the covers of novels, but there’s no way in heck anyone—much less a tough, self-respecting heroine—would do that in the real world.

To make fun of those awkward poses and to also provide us with an example of why middle aged dudes should never, under any circumstances, pose the way these female characters do, fantasy novelist Jim Hines recruited his wife into snapping photos of him as he tried to mimic the poses on the covers of novels such as “Magic to the Bone”, “Nightmist”, and his very own “The Stepsister Scheme.” If authors had any control over the cover art, you can be sure none of these artworks would’ve ever made it into print.

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