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20 Childhood Drawings Transformed Into Masterpieces

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The mind of a child truly is an exceptional thing. They hold such control over their creative intuition. Here we see 20 images of drawings done by children and then re imagined in much greater detail. It is incredible to see the unique visions of the young minds translated into another realm. I like to think that this is what the kids actually see when they are imagining their art.

  • Anonymous

    You must admit dude thats some pretty serious artwork .Wow.
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  • They use photoshop or something like this? The result it’s pretty awesome…

  • All I saw was a bunch of children’s drawings. Where are the masterpieces?

  • Peggy Stary

    These paintings changed from childrens work into master pieces is a fantastic idea! Some of them are really good.

  • Dave DeVries is a well-known comic book industry educator. He does these on canvass and published them in a book called The Monster Engine.

    It’s amazing stuff. Worth checking out. Buddy Scalera

  • So I see this will remember the childhood, this impressive

  • Oz Sheri

    These pictures are amazing but what comes up on the screen after is disgusting. I am deleting my forwards to other people because of that.