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20 Photos of the World’s Biggest Sinkholes

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A sinkhole is a natural depression or hole in the Earth’s surface caused by natural movements in the earths crust. These sinkholes happened throughout history and still happen today that can cause mass destruction or appear naturally beautiful in the world. Of course not all sinkholes are large, some come in much smaller scale – but these sinkholes are known throughout the world as natural wonders.

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    5 and 14 have been created by human, they’re not sinkholes , 5 is located at Darvaza, CFwiki : ” While drilling in 1971, geologists tapped into a cavern filled with natural gas. The ground beneath the drilling rig collapsed, leaving a large hole with a diameter of about 70 metres (230 ft),To avoid poisonous gas discharge, it was decided to burn it off. Geologists had hoped the fire would use all the fuel in a matter of
    days, but the gas still burns 40 years later. Locals have dubbed the
    cavern “The Door to Hell” ”

    14 is a diamond mine, in russia.