5 Reasons Cooking Schools Kick Ass

5 Reasons Cooking Schools Kick Ass

Cooking Schools offer many advantages beyond the obvious, which is ridiculous, because the obvious is “You will learn how to cook lovely food.” Eating has been half the goals of humanity for our entire history. It’s been 50% of the goals of everything animate for hundreds of millions of years, and now people are asking “That’s okay, but what else can it do?”

The answer: a lot.

Cooking food is the most widely applicable skill after “having money”, and cooking schools can help you gain that too. There is no aspect of life which isn’t improved by culinary ability.


Simultaneously the most important and neglected factor for the modern worker. Millions of people ruin their irreplaceable health for a standard wage, because their work compresses their spine, elevates their blood pressure, and traps them in a place where the best food is stuff that can be ordered and eaten in under thirty minutes. Notice how “enjoyed” wasn’t in that sentence.

When you can cook you can prepare good food. When you cook for a living you’re surrounded by the stuff. There is no way to overstate how important healthy eating is to the human body. You literally are what you eat, a saying so true it’s become cliche and ignored. You are building your heart and mind out of the things you put in your mouth, and big chunks of your soul from the experience of eating it. Huge trunk nerves run direct from the tongue into the brain — food is one of the most powerful experiences you can have, and you are the sum of your experiences. So if you want to build your body and soul out of fast food served by the cheapest workers available, go ahead, but we’d recommend putting some effort into it.


Being able to cook is the tactical nuclear weapon of the dating scene. Casually tossing off an invitation to dine in your place conveys ability, effort, and a preparation to work for the happiness of another. So you’re bombarding your date with all these extremely positive emotions, and as a side effect it means they’re already in your place while having them. Add a bottle of wine and it doesn’t matter which gender you’re after: they’re impressed (so they like you), well fed (so they don’t want to leave and make the long trip home), and feeling very happy.


The price difference between eating out and preparing your own food is incredible. It adds up for every meal, and we don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you have those things every day. A weekly grocery run instead of constantly ducking out or taking-away means you save time, money, chores, queueing, delivery fees, and unlike every other case of saving money you end up with far better products because of it.

Job Training

Accountants don’t enjoy adding up numbers at home, and fighter pilots can’t drink anywhere near a time they might have to work because it dulls their edge. Every other job is separated from life and can actively interfere with it, but a cook is always a cook and always improving. It becomes a skill, a hobby, and your every meal is a chance to experiment, enjoy, and become even better at your job. How many careers can say that? How many vocations reward you for stuffing yourself and then spending a solid afternoon thinking about how great it was, and how you’d make it better, on your days off?